09 March 2014

SOUTH ROW by Ghiselle St. James

Congratulations to my friend, Ghiselle St. James for releasing her first book ever. Please do support! If you have loved “Wallbanger” by Alice Clayton, then this book should not disappoint you. Cheers to you, Ghiselle! 

Southerlynn Row crept into my bed one night and I don't know how it happened, but one minute I was telling her to leave and the next...well, the next I was her first and then she disappeared from my life like a specter in the night and I never saw her again.

For ten years I wondered where she was and for ten years I've been haunted by her memory. I am locked into a union I do not want to be in, with a woman that I do not love, because even after ten years this redhead still haunts my dreams and my fantasies. Just when I think that I've buried that part of my life, the past comes back with a vengeance.

A night out with the boys at a strip club was what I needed after a long and grueling case that I ended up winning. I wasn't prepared for who I'd see headlining the stage that night, though. And once I saw her, my heart - and other.um, organs - started pulsating again.


Ten years ago, I seduced the man I loved and walked out of his life. Ten years later, and I plan on doing it again. If only I can stop embarrassing myself in front of him: like face-planting on the floor during a sexy dance as I try to lure him back into my life...and my lacy boy shorts.

I've had a messed up past, but Collin Danes made it all worth it to experience day by day. I spent ten years of my life without him. I refuse to do it again.

I'm a grown woman now. And if I'm going to get what I want, I'm going to need a plan. When something is meant to be, nothing or no one - no matter how rich and pretty they are - can stand in the way.


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